Auction of 25 fancy car plates to begin Tomorrow

The General Directorate of Traffic yesterday announced the seventh online auction for 25 fancy car plates. The auction will be done through Metrash 2 and is expected to attract a large number of people. The three-day auction will begin tomorrow at 12 noon and will continue until Thursday 10pm.

The Ministry of Interior said on its official Twitter account that under the rules, bidding will start from QR100,000 and participants are required to make a deposit of QR20,000 as guarantee.

The person who wins the bid should visit the Directorate within two working days to pay the bidding value. In case the person fails to pay, it would result in losing the deposit of QR20,000 and number as well.

The paying will be through bank cheque in the name of Financial Affairs Department of the Ministry of Interior or by credit card. A total of QR9.760mn were collected at the sixth online auction, and the plate number 344444 was recorded the highest price of QR1.25m.


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